"Green Smoothie" Reimagined
Sweet Wheat Artisan Wheatgrass is a wheatgrass juice bar where customers can enjoy the benefits of the superfood in a variety of forms. The brand was developed using eye-catching green hues in combination with a minimal/modern aesthetic. Both of these themes are carried throughout the style manual and define the company’s brand standards.
West Coast Excursion
Junket Magazine provides monthly detailed road trip itineraries complete with suggestions of which National Parks and landmarks to visit, along with other points of interest. This particular issue covers a road trip of the Pacific Northwest. Various articles include highlights of the trip as well as a guide on how to take the best pictures during your special experiences.
Insurance With A Purpose
After observing that passions are what make us uniquely human and that no two people share the exact same ones; Sonnet decided it was time to take a new approach to insurance. Maybe that ratty old rug on your living room floor was the very first purchase you made for your apartment after finally moving out of your parent’s house. No matter the object, Sonnet understands that in addition to serving a functional purpose, most belongings also hold sentimental value. This is exactly why so many people trust Sonnet to insure them.
Feel Good Furniture
BIRCH furniture is a forward-thinking company that utilizes birch wood as it’s primary material. With a CEO who strongly believes that the earth shouldn’t suffer for our comforts, this annual report informs shareholders that BIRCH will be fully powered by renewable energy in 2022. Staying true to the brand’s modern outlook and distinctive style, a minimal yet bold theme was used throughout this year’s corporate publication.
My Micron
Stippling illustrations are just one of the many skills that one can master using high-quality Micron pens. The assortment of sizes available allow consumers to choose the best pen for their specific needs. These ads display the benefits of using Micron pens by showcasing illustrations in their natural environment. A call to action was also created using a hashtag that encourages people to share their own Micron drawings on social media.
Making The Next Mozart
Since art and music have been put on the back-burner in schools, Samsung teamed up with the National Association of Music Education Standards to give creative students the opportunity to shine. Together Samsung and NAMES received 100,000 donated instruments and hired a team to refurbish them. These instruments were then sold to schools at radically reduced prices making music more affordable for everyone.
Dimensionless Fashion
These CHANEL fashion ads were shot from a sideways perspective to make the viewer stop and consider the piece longer than a traditional fashion would require. The campaign emphasizes that CHANEL breaks the norms in both their advertising and product line.
A Tasteful Typeface
Inspiration for Cinnamon Roll came from the classic serif typeface Baskerville. To differentiate this typeface from the original Baskerville, hairline strokes were eliminated creating a unique disconnect between serifs. Another distinct component of Cinnamon Roll are the delicate swirls that were carefully placed on each letter form, making this typeface especially sweet.
Lessons In Light
This photo book is a study of light that is demonstrated through photographs taken during golden hour. Golden hour occurs shortly after sunrise or just before sunset when the sunlight appears more red than at any other time of the day. The book is titled “Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines,” after a poem by Dylan Thomas.
Calendar Design
I was able to combine my love for nature inspired illustrations with thoughtful composition and font pairing for this calendar design.
Lemon Laws
Designed a beer can for a local meadery rebrand. In collaboration with Charles J. Moyer & Co.
Wine label design for Tannat Rosé. In collaboration with Charles J. Moyer & Co.
Taps Tavern
Reformatted a menu for Taps Tavern in Bethlehem, PA.
Braveheart Menu
Refreshed the menu design of a Scottish Pub in Hellertown, PA.
Here are some of my thumbnails to show my idea generation process.
Personal Branding
Created a brand that communicates my love for modern minimal design with touches of tasteful detail.
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